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Aleksandr Tiumerov:

Drawing for Peterburg (reprint of 1922 edition)

Sasha Tiumerov lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. His illustrations have blessed the pages of Zapiski Bomzha and of electronic texts of stories by Isaac Babel. His graphic art, based on the architectural sculpture and statuary of Petersburg and Dionysian motifs from classical Greek art, adorns the upcoming reprint of Andrei Bely's Peterburg. Tiumerov is the author and artist of «Ассоциации, аналогии и модели мироздания. Мир - его прошлое, настоящее и будущее» [Associations, Analogies and Models of Creation: The World - Its Past, Present and Future] (Skifiia, St. Petersburg, 2008), a crreative study of the interrelationships between form, space and time. His Middle Eastern motifs were a sensation in Baghdad, Cairo, Tehran and Florida.



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excerpts from Gabriel Choreb's bestseller Hogtown: A Gothic Tale about Political Correctness and Other Virtues

and graphic masterpieces by St. Petersburg artist Aleksandr Tiumerov.


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